Favorite Place to Live

Chur Switzerland

Somewhere in the heart of the Appalachains!:slight_smile:

Well, I have lived in Colorado for over 18 years now-love the summers-hate the winters-course I live near Steamboat Springs, in the mountains. Lots and lots of snow. I lived in Denver for a few years and it really is mild in the winter.(except for the last week:) )
I was raised in Rochester, Ny and lived in both northern Michigan and just outside Detroit. oh, and then the 10 years in Orange County,Ca.
It’s funny, cause I loved them all when I lived there and would go back to any of them. But if I had my choice-I would go some where warmer-with my house on the lake and boat dock, someplace warm enough to swim and fish at least 5 months a year.
Lake Norfolk, Arkansas or somewhere in Texas are looking like possibilities. But… I never know where I will end up next-I seem to just go-and maybe can again-when kids are in college.

Colorado. Low lattitude, high altitude, low humidity, no rain, and more sun than Miami Beach.

Cyberspace until the day I die and perhaps a little beyond. :shock:

I took the top PIC of my place just 5 minutes ago: http://www.nachi.org/co2006.htm


Right where I’m at now - less than an hour from Zion’s National Park, abt 90 minutes to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, if I want snow in the winter (that’s deeper than a 1/2") drive north up I-15 and if I want to visit a big city (which is rare) two hours to Vegas. :slight_smile:

That cloud scene is absolutely stunning!

Come on over Jae, would love to have you around, after all we don’t have any snow yet. Still erecting steel on my job and no roof yet, so I hope it don’t snow for another two weeks. ha. ha.


Thanks for all the great ideas! I have heard Maine is beautiful. I love Vegas too…but yikes on that heat in August. I remember being there a couple times during 110 degree heat and man those ‘blocks’ are huge when its hot.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you find what you are looking for this year!

Jamie, I am from Gates Chili where were you?


I’ve been to most of the states in this great country. IMO southwest Colorado and the Estes Park area (Nick’s hood) are very similar in scenery to Switzerland. But if you don’t like the rugged outdoor life like high altitude hiking. etc; it may actually be boring. I’m a former mountain climber who spent 20 years in Colorado living on the edge. :wink:

Erol Kartal
Pro Inspect

For me…I long to retire one day in St. Augustine , FL and play golf into my late 50’s…oh wait…I mean late 60’s…:slight_smile:

Favorite place to live?

Why that’s easy - Right beside my wife :wink:



I live in the heart of the CITY OF TORONTO and love it. I have lived here for 40 years. Now if you are talking about retiring well let me see…Como, Italy for sure, half hour drive to Milan and 40 minutes to Lougano, Switzerland.

Sedona is not too bad, and I try to get away each weekend.:slight_smile:

I would go back to San Luis Obispo, Ca but my wife wouldn’t go for it.:frowning:

In my mis-spent youth I lived 18 months in Zermatt Switzerland, 6 months in London and a year each in New Zealand and Austrailia. I like it here in the US the best so far.

Forget that…WAY to much SNOW for me…

Hamilton, Montana. Darby would be second. Or anywhere around Missoula. I’ve lived my entire life in S. Florida and many consider it paradise. I agree, but after visiting the “Big Sky” state for the last 20 years, I’m convinced that’s where I’d like to live, (at least most of the year).:wink:

I love where I am (been here for 35 years). Got mountains and snow, got salt water, got beautiful warm summers, got the best sea kayaking in the world, got great sailing. Having said all that, my wife and I just got back from 4 days in Mazama, Washington (go there for new years every year). Mazama has great snow and a couple of hundred(yes I said hundred) miles of groomed crosscountry ski trails. We’re thinking of buying a second home over there. Warm weather? One can always go to the warm from time to time.