Fax Replacement

I currently have a dedicated phone line and fax (HP7500 - All in one). I am looking forward to suggestions for a replacement that will cut down on office expenses - (fax and dedicated phone line).

I know some options exist such as plans offered for services through the internet.

Suggestions, comments, your experience - will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Claude in Canada

Don’t go with Majic Jack! They don’t work if you are trying to fax out and can only recieve a couple of pages incoming.

Phone is easy, I recently heard of these guys.

I rarely ever do faxes and never send them, so the free efax account works great for me. No land line, no fax machine, incoming faxes are accessible online. If you need to send, you can go with a paid account which will also get you a local number.

I use this and I am extremely happy with it.
It’s called fax machine.

You still need a phone line for this app?

I haven’t used the feature but supposedly you can use it with email as well. I personally use it on my phone line turn it on when I am expecting a fax and it’s off the rest of the time.

I use Bell with an option called Appel personnalisé.

It cost 6.95 a month (long distance charge applies, taxes not included) and my fax is always on; a distinct ring tells me when a fax in being received.

I’ve used efax in the past before our current solution, it worked well.

Your current solution is?

I use Rapidfax.com. Cost is 9.95/month (there is another lower priced plan). I love it. Send and receive to my computer. Print what I want and don’t print the rest…saves ink.

Thanks all great suggestions to work towards a solution. My main issue is the current fax system work well, but I am sick and tired of paying Ma Bell almost $50.00 a month for a fax only line.

Onebox.com. Integrates with our 888 number so people can fax to the same line. It allows people to fax and ends up in my email. No additional charge over the normal phone number cost.

Hi Claude. I got rid of my dedicated fax line which I was also paying $50/month. Compared and signed up with SR Fax out of Burnaby, B.C. What I like is that you can get a toll free number included within one of the most competitive price packages. https://www.srfax.com/srf/ContactUs.php

Havent had a need for a FAX machine in over a year…I convert to PDF or tell whomever wants to send a fax to do the same.