FBI investigating North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board?


I am flummoxed, wasn’t licensing legislation designed to prevent this very thing?

This is a good indication that those who seek to manipulate the law
in secret will be punished in the open.

You are funny!

Let me all give you an example about how money runs politics.

There are millions of illegal imigrants in this country. Most all work for companies. And, they pay taxes. They get a bogus SS number, and get jobs. The taxes then go to the government. Some imigrants use the same SS number for several realitives, and others. So, one SS number can be used for several workers. Taxes get paid, but creditied to the only listed SS number. So, the rest of the money goes into the tax “kitty”. Some say, as much as $500 billion a year. This is why companies do not get penalized for hiring illegals, and imigration laws are hard to impliment. Money talks, big time.


$500 Billion?

They must be well paid.

500,000,000,000/20,000,000=25,000 each in SS taxes WOW!

$327,000 EACH in wages per illegal

Isn’t that cool. Wonder how you get might contact them (or the Dept of Justice) to see if they’re interested in other states where hokie / pokie with Realtors trying to manipulate another profession (us) has occurred.

I have a contact.

500,000,000,000/20,000,000=25,000 / 25 (Since 1983) = 1000 each in SS taxes

$327,000 / 25 = $13,080 EACH in wages per illegal

The article provided a figure from 1983 to present.

“Some say, as much as $500 billion a year”

Was working with the quote above. I figured something was way wrong hence my comical post.:wink:

Do you have a link to the article? I couldn’t find it.

I bet half the illegals are paid cash, under the counter. The employer keeps the money that would have gone to both sides of the taxes.

See my previous post. It is the second article on the link noted. You will have to scroll down. It is about SS numbers.

Thanks for the link.

That’s $500 Billion in wages not taxes and over 25 years not per year.*

“The money simply ends up in the U.S. Treasury. Since 1983, more than $500 billion in uncredited Social Security wages have been earned by so-called “no match” employees like Rodriguez. That hidden financial benefit for the government is one reason, Holli suspects, that agencies don’t act more quickly on reports of SSN-only identity theft.”*

What should be done with the money?
Of course you all know it isn’t really there right?


If you are paying cash, cash being that green folding money, the illegal gets all of the hourly rate he has agreed to. The only “Savings” to the employer is his portion of SSI, unemployment ins. workers comp, etc. as there is no deductions, therefore no paper trail.You will find this mostly in the construction trades, gardeners, etc. And small agriculture.

Larger companies using a payroll system, only has to have SS# and green card on file, which were probably bogus, but in those years, not our problem to question nor investigate them.

I had a small manufacturing business in So Calif years ago which was notorious for illegals. Had one of my employees come into the office to tell me the government had “changed” he SS#!! Got a chuckle out of that one.

INS would do sweeps of know industries that hired illegals, and one of my competitors was being raided. He noticed we were next on the list and called and warned us. INS showed up with in the hour, they had a tough time figuring out how such a large operation could be run with so few employees!!! Their disappointment was priceless!!

I also had acreage of Avocados in Fallbrook, Ca. and at picking time INS would sweep through the area, I lost most of my pickers, but most of the picking had been done, they get paid by the bin, but don’t get paid until the bid is picked up, weighed and verifiedl They had not been paid as yet.
Damn, with in a couple of weeks, they were all back wanting their money, and the work of gleaming (Final picking) of the avocados.
Again, all of their money was strictly folding cash, paid at an agreed price per bin. The only savings I would have had, was if they hadn’t gotten back across the boarder!!!

The illegals are just a part of the “underground” economy, the only difference is they also get welfare.


As a side note, you think that (not paying deductions) does not happen to even the legitimate employee? Many small business “neglect” to pay their quarter returns. The only difference, if the employee has kept his pay stubs which shows the deductions, the government will credit that amount to the employee and try to collect from the employer.

Had that happen to me in my younger years. The employer had shorted me on my W2, reported it to the IRS with documation, got my FULL tax refund, the employer got one large fine, plus having to make up the “missing” deduction money, to the feds AND the state. Think he went out of business!

If you are paying cash, the last thing you want to do is keep both sides of the deductions. Greed will get ya every time.

Don’t know the results, but as I recall, there was a push to allow the illegals to receive SS benefits.