FBI Mortage Investigations

The FBI is currently investigating more than 1,800 mortgage fraud cases throughout the US. How many home inspectors are being investigated?



Why would HIs be investigated?

What do we have to do with the mortgage? We don’t work for a lender? I’d bet there’s some apraisers in hot water, but inspectors, doubtful.

If someone sets out to comit fraud, I doubt that they’d have an inspection on a property they plan on bailing on anyway.

Fingerprinting laws are coming for several states for home inspectors to see if they are past criminals. No fingerprint laws for lenders, contractors, etc. Do you want to be fingerprinted, perform an inspection by touching everything in the home, then be arrested months later because the new owner was perfroming illegal anything in the home? Fingerprinting in several industries is becoming a freedom/priviacy issue.

Well, that’s certainly a different issue than mortgage fraud/investigations.

I was trying to make the point where lenders, RE agents, home builders all should be fingerprinted and perform criminal background checks before they go into business. There are far more infractions in those industries than us. Home inspectors in Kansas will have to go through this according to the new HB 2260; not lenders, home builders, contractors. RE, etc. Do you want to go through a criminal background and FBI check and get fingerprinted to be able to perform home inspections in your state?

I had a background check when I volunteered to serve my country. The compensation was nowhere near what I make in the private sector. If you have skeltons in your closet, you may be concerned. If not, what’s the big deal???

Lets start with fingerprinting illegal aliens first.
Most home inspectors I know are law abiding citizens, and certainly don’t need to be fingerprinted for anything. Privacy invasion is right.
Lets nip this crap in the bud, will ya?
Fight back !:shock:

In Kansas, much like in Missouri, the push to license and control home inspectors has to do with special interests and people looking to make a buck at our expense.

Wanna talk about criminals? Let’s talk criminals.

A few years ago in a small town near Topeka, Kansas, a young family held a “house warming party” to celebrate their new built home with family and friends. Since there were no state building codes or licensed contractors, no one inspected the home for code violations and…during the party…a deck collapsed and a guest was killed.

The Kansas Builders’s Association, along with help from the Kansas Realtor Association, allowed this death…and others…as they continue to lobby against building codes and licensed contractors in that state.

They do the same thing in Missouri. Last week, in a county with no building codes, I found where the unlicensed HVAC contractors had decided to remove the collar ties in the attic to better accomodate the new furnace and ductwork. No codes, no licensed contractors, no enforcement by any local official (because there are none).

Kansas builders have killed people…not Kansas inspectors.

Those who are ignoring these deficiencies while exploiting the home inspection industry to help close their deals, sell the NHIE and sell their classroom agendas…should burn in hell with the negligent contractors who are also taking lives.

This is a scandal that the media has been paid to ignore.

James, I could not have said it any better. =D>

I balance on your roof, wiggle through your crawlspace in mud, I duck-walk my way down the length of your attic in 90 degree weather through ITCHY insulation, and look in your nasty septic tank.

You didn’t give me your credit files to guard, you didn’t give me $100,000 of your money to invest, nor did you give me your 4 year old to baby-sit.

When you had a block party and invited everyone on the block (most of whom you didn’t know), when you invited the choir over from church, or called the pizza delivery guy out to your house, or let the carpet cleaners or A/C service guy in - DID you get FBI fingerprint checks on them.

Not to be rude - but guys don’t be stupid about this. We’ve got DUMB home inspectors playing along with this BS and all you’re doing is painting our profession into a 12" square box - THAT other groups aren’t doing to themselves. We’ve got well meaning nincompoops killing our industry.

Thank you, fellow member of The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors.:wink:

Jimmy - Collar ties are really over-rated. You don’t really need them all do you??