Feast your Eyes! A roof within a roof

I found this gem and had to share.


Here is one I had a few years ago. They built a higher stick built roof over a truss roof.


they apparently didn’t like the original roof line??

At least they did the right thing by removing the top row of plywood and installed a ridge vent for ventilation Oh. but they did not install collar ties, Oh, well, :grinning:

I’ve run into this a few times over the years. It’s kind of fun being able to run around on a roof while inside an attic. I often go away scratching my head as to why they did it? I can understand wanting different architecture but, at least for me, my checkbook would get in the way.

Any logical reasoning behind it, Randy?

They added a garage to the house with a bonus room and steep roof. They wanted the house roof to match.

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See this a lot in rural areas where the original structure was repurposed and expanded.

A big issue for a fire department.

I see this all the time for additions, where a sliver of the old roof remains…

See this every week.