Feb 6, CMI Meeting topics

Many of you have been participating in the free CMI electrical course that we have been doing. I know that you are all eager to go into some electrical topics that are not part of the class.

What I’d like to do is have an open discussion of advanced electrical topics. You can find the basics almost anywhere. This is your opportunity to delve a little deeper into the How’s, Why’s and Wherefore’s of electrical systems.

We don’t usually talk too much about codes. Once you know why things are the way they are, it makes understanding codes much easier. I’d rather have you be able to look at something and understand what it is you are looking at and, understand the sometimes subtle differences between something being acceptable or unacceptable.

Some of you are interested in doing commercial inspections. This would be a good time to ask questions about commercial electrical systems.

Nice job with the last course, George. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Thank you! :smiley:

Thanks for your help George.

Advanced electrical

Home load balancing how and why (is just adding the breakers on one side equal to the other side ok?)

Home voltage drop - suretest vers a true load to address load heating losses

Breaker testing - should be done and how

Ground testing - simple and affordable - new ideas that an average HI can use (clamp meter around ground lead - what does the reading mean if anything? What is normal??)

Ground to neutral impeadance (resistance) do we care with a simple $25 meter

How to check for ungrounded electrical fixtures – The bathroom light strips etc. – Is this a code or a safety issue??

Just some thoughts