February 13 2010 INACHIOHIO Chapter meeting

With all of the conversations on the internet social networking sites, and message boards. There has been a lot of questions on just what we can do, what we can not do, or what we can say when it concerns electrical. After some very heated discussions concerning this issue, we have invited Jan A. Sokolnicki of the State of Ohio Building Standards Office to come to our chapter meeting. He will be discussing what we can do and can not do or say when it concerns electrical. This is a meeting that you will not want to miss out on. We hope to see you there.

Click on the link to register to attend this meeting. http://oh.nachi.org/nachiohio/events.html

Please, also send a email to me at besurehomeinspectionservice@gamil.com to confirm. This way we can do a audit on the chapter reservation system. Thanks and have a great night, and many happy inspections.