February -- TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) Meeting

Monthly Meeting Roud-up:

For all fellow inspectors in the Greater Austin, Texas area that could not attend February’s official gathering of the TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC), you missed out on several hours of comrade. For all who were able to join us for last month’s TGAC meeting, we are looking forward to meeting up with you again each and every month to ensure we are endeavoring 3 of TPREIA’s primary directives:

  • Continuing education (Earn educational credits at NO extra cost!)
  • Assisting each other to improve the inspection industry as a whole.
  • Understanding how to better serve the general public.

And remember TPREIA members earn CEUs simply for being a chapter member and listening to something you likely already want to hear all while enjoying a good dinner. Also, these credits are much harder to come by as recently re-evaluated by TREC, TPREIA has/is going the extra mile to ensure we are a go in this regard without regulatory surprises.

One guest summed it up best*** “I like that no one is holding their cards tight to the chest here.” We really could not have said it any better, so come out and see for yourself.***

It is a common conversation to hear a couple inspectors discussing, “ Hey I’m buried this week, can I send some work to you?”**

That is what TPREIA is really about – finding common ground and ways to work together even while in competition.

Guest Educational Speaker:
**Sergio Martinez
Area Marketing Manager of South Texas for
Lomanco Venting **


(See Attached “SergioMartinez_1” photo)

Thank You Sergio for an educational and interesting understanding of:

  • The importance of proper ventilation
  • How proper ventilation truly works
  • Strengthening our ventilation knowledge as inspectors
  • And how to better report ventilation issues

List of the festivities:
30 minutes of networking
15 minutes discussion of TREC changes
45 minutes of Sergio’s “Working presentation”

  • It was truly informative to see Sergio’s fog machine and model attic in action
  • Supply venting is slightly more important than exhaust venting.
  • The supply and exhaust venting Need to be appropriately sized, balanced and located
  • Simply adding more vents is not always the answer.
  • Not all vent types mix for optimal ventilation.

TPREIA Greater Austin Chapter (TGAC) has a standing monthly meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Logan’s Roadhouse @ 3702 Parker Rd. Round Rock, Texas (NW corner of I-35 & 45)

with an Agenda:

  • Networking @ 6PM
  • Dinner @ 6:30
  • TGAC introduction
  • TPREIA information
  • New TREC News
  • Sponsor introductions
  • Guest Educational Speaker
  • Q & A
  • Drawing giveaways
  • Membership Q & A
  • Last minute networking
  • Call it a night!