Federal Government using InterNACHI's ComSop in new Guide to Commissioning Buildings.

A new Federal Guide on Commissioning Buildings will recommend www.nachi.org/comsop.htm. I’ll get us all copies of the guide when printed.

Hello Nick;
If we could get some of those copies. I can send them to all Puerto Rico members.
Looking foward to seeing you soon.

I want one for sure Nick. Actually 21 would be better I could hand them out at the next local Chapter meeting


Which governmental agency?

It was written by authors from Oak Ridge Natl Labs. and Portland Cement Assoc. under contract to the US Dept. of Energy.

So, does that mean we are qualified to inspect nuclear reactor facilities now? :shock: :slight_smile:

Just don’t forget to were the proper PPE

Kewl…maybe Nick will give a few of those out as daily door prizes.

So, what does this mean, exactly. Did the DOE now recommend the COMSOP, or is this a specialized king of thing. I dont understand what commissioning building is.


Dammit, that is just plain hilarious–:))))

It means they will be future Door Prizes as Mike noted, do not get upset–:))))

I would like a copy when available. Let me know where I need to sign up for one.