Federal Home Inspection Legislative Committee

Was just told that another home inspection association in Illinois has appointed the Ex-Chair of the Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board to be the Chairman of their Legislative Committee at the FEDERAL level.

The Kansas Governor terminated the Kansas Registration / Licensing Act in July 2013 and we were told the past Chair of that Board was chastised or for some reason prohibited from further Board contact shortly prior to the termination of the Licensing Act.

What a hoot if its true … Mess up at state level, so we move you up!

Anybody else heard anything about this.

I am guessing the reason why is Barnes can handle Nick. Nick allowed Barnes to make false claims about his dog Molly passing the NACHI online examine.

It is all about making money for home inspection educational providers. State laws are requring educational classes, insurance, registration fees, all to satisfy inspection law requirements. Even when licensing laws are basic and have minimal standards, the REA’s and lobbyists only want basic reporting from the inspectors. This is done with state licensing. CEU class providers teach the basics and are glad to take the money from future inspectors. They only teach what the REA’s want. All you have to do is listen to one of Mike Crow’s seminars.

Here in Kansas, there were many “people” tied to the HI class provider in Leavenworth, KS. These people thought that if you had state licensing, millions could be made providing educational classes. Nick and Ben have always thought this way also, as NACHI has become a large CEU provider. Even when the classes are free, you still pay a fee to be a member to get the classes.

IMO, this federal ASHI deal is just someone wanting more clout. The frustrating thing about the old Kansas laws is that there are still thousands of dollars hiding out in Kansas somewhere that belongs to the Kansas inspectors who paid into the old Kansas HI board. That money should be returned.

It’s fake news. Even ASHI isn’t that dumb.

First off, home inspections aren’t regulated at the federal level. That’s how I know someone is pulling your chain.

Secondly, ASHI isn’t going to appoint Jeff Barnes, a guy who got on the home inspector licensing board, issued himself license #1, then delayed issuing licenses to anyone else while he did a local marketing campaign that touted that he was the only licensed inspector in Kansas. Even the local newspapers wrote stories about his corruption and how he used his public position for personal gain. I got a Christmas card from ASHI’s Executive Director, but there is no way they would give me this present. That would be too awesome of a gift. LOL

Here is part of what I was sent … Page out of ASHI Reporter dated Dec 2016

Can’t be the same Jeff Barnes. Even ASHI isn’t stupid enough to give me that Christmas present. :wink:

Not yet… things change for the better all the time.

Lots of stuff is going to happen in 2017, you have no idea…LOL


ASHI member rolls shows 5 inspectors named Barnes … Only 1 Jeff

Our Jeff from down by Wichita ???

Imagine how well NACHI would benefit if ASHI pushed for some type of Federal Home Inspection Legislation…
We devoured them at the State levels…
One can only dream… :slight_smile:

Things can change, just watch and see.


More than a month before the Kansas Home Inspector Licensing Law goes into effect, the Chairman of the Kansas Home Inspector Licensing Board, Jeff Barnes was caught secretly issuing himself a counterfeit license #0001. The abuse-of-office scheme was uncovered when Mr. Barnes began an advertising campaign touting himself as “The only licensed inspector in Kansas” and “Kansas’s 1st Registered Inspector” in an effort to gain a market advantage over competing inspectors.


Can anyone get me any evidence that ASHI actually appointed this scumbag to their legislative committee?

Nick …

Are you sure about that? Having attended MANY of his BoD meetings and had personal inter-actions with him on more times than I care for … I just can’t imagine him or dear lil Molly doing anything that was NOT above board.

A couple of years ago I mentioned on this message board how state home inspection laws were not consistent from state to state. Many inspectors, such us here in KC, operate in two states, and would have to operate their businesses under two sets of regulations. Not efficient for businesses. I thought then it would be a matter of time before the feds moved in and set basic laws for HI’s so that state laws would be even. Perhaps that is what the REA’s and the NAR is striving for: basic, national home inspector regulations, so they can all suggest the low-cost non-alarmist inspectors, legally. Government is so corrupt lately that anything does not surprise me.

So here is a link to the January 2017 ASHI Reporter. The last page in the link shows his name as chair.


Also here is a link from the ASHI site on an article about licensing from July 2008.


Jeff Barnes, president
Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors
ASHI Certified Member

Additionally, the ASHI Membership directory has a link to his web page. On it he shows,

First Chairman of the Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board
Owner/Inspector Jeff Barnes is south central Kansas’s only Great Plains ASHI Master Inspector …

Here is the link

Based upon an earlier post I believe it is the same guy. Sorry Nick, does not appear to be fake news.

William …

Food for thought regarding your link to ASHI committee’s and Chairs.

There are 15 committee’s and I noted that with supposedly over 6,500 inspectors and over 75 Chapters in ASHI … That about 8 of the committee members are made up of Jeff Barnes cronies and members of the KC ASHI group.

Of those committee’s when you look at their members, their are 2 people that were heavily vested in the Barnes Crowd that are each on 2 very important committee’s (Bylaws & Standards), AND both of these individuals are on the ASHI national Officer Nominating Committee (2 out of 8 members). I believe we’re seeing STACKING of committee’s AND with 2 of the Barnes club on the National Officer Nominating Committee … I’d make an educated guess that next year we’ll see SOMEONE in the KC ASHI or Barnes Club on ASHI’s officer track AND maybe more stacking of committee’s.

William …

One other thing regarding the Jeff Barnes statement in 2008 in the ASHI reporter

It was heavily slanted. The facts about who introduced Bills and when were accurate BUT left out a few things. Barnes indicates they sent invitations to over 250 inspectors in Kansas to get a group consensus. He may have HOWEVER, we went to them and we had ABOUT 25-28 inspectors present (maybe 20-21 were ASHI and the rest were NACHI or NAHI). Anybody could stand and talk BUT when it came time to vote ONLY members of the Barnes Group **(KAREI) **were allowed to vote.

When the licensing came up there was ANOTHER state group in Kansas called KARCI (Kansas Association of Residential & Commercial Inspectors). They were made up of NACHI, ASHI and NAHI inspectors and their Board and Officers were from all 3 groups. THEY were NOT in FAVOR of licensing and fought it VERY effectively because we had some very strong IN’s.

My Sister-in-Law was Pres of largest Realtor Board in KS and on the NAR’s National BoD; my best friend in school was LAW PARTNERS with the Attorney Patterson; our VP of KARCI went to church with Patterson and shared a Duck hunting blind with him; I had done Home Inspections for the XO and Pres of the KC home builders association AND they thought licensing was UN-NEEDED and lent us their lobbyist to help get us into meetings with strategic legislators; I had helped 2 of Representative Sloan’s friends with bad construction issues AND shown him exactly what we could AND could NOT do in an inspection. He was ready to back down; the graphic artist that did all my flyers AND worked with me as a part-time inspector had a sister INSIDE the Kansas state Realtors Board in Topeka (we knew what they were doing almost before they did).

On top of ALL that I had served on ASHI’s national Legislative committee, was a registered lobbyist in Kansas AND when the REA’s had told the legislators about the HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of problems that Home Inspectors caused … I wrote the 3 BBB’s in KS, the state AG’s office, and several consumer groups like HADD and ASKED them for confirmation on HOW MANY complaints they had filed on Home Inspectors in KS. The AG’s office had 2 complaints in 4 yrs; THE Kansaas BBB’s had 7 complaints in the past 3 yrs AND the consumer groups had NONE. But (because I’d asked them) … They had hundreds of complaints against REA’s, remodelers, property managers, etc, etc. WE showed legislators the REA’s were BS’ing them.

BUT good old Jeff Barnes and 3 other local ASHI inspectors in Wichita with **NO EXPERIENCE in ANY thing having to do with leadership, politics, etc **incorporated themselves AND called it KAREI (Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors), got the KC chapter of ASHI to sign their members up in KAREI, then started telling the friendly REA’s and legislators they were the OFFICIAL voice of Home Inspectors in Kansas AND they were willing to play. **Wham the rest of us got locked out. **We talked AND wrote letters AND appeared at hearings AND were able to UNDO some of the CRAP the Barnes crowd got us into because they had no experience BUT nobody else was EVER allowed into the drafting of the Bill, etc.

Barnes talks about ANNUAL meetings of his group KAREI … During the 13 yrs they’ve been in existence the ONLY thing you can call a meeting is either him OR Kerry Parham from Wichita show up at an ANNUAL meeting of the Kansas City ASHI chapter AND during lunch tells the crowd what they are doing. THERE is NEVER any voting, etc … Barnes or Parham simply make decisions and do it.

The training school in Leavenworth run by ASHI members Tom Lauhon and Miki Mertz seems to somehow be connected into what goes on in KAREI.

Hope that helps a bit understanding what went down.


I honestly do not know any of them. But I do tend to do research on things and that’s how I found the info posted above. I’m not saying this just because I am now a NACHI member because many years back I had reservations about Nicks group. Originally, our franchise required us to join NAHI. I played like a good little member and at our meeting in Las Vegas I took a proctored exam and was told on site I passed. Months later I had not received my certification. When I contacted them and provided the canceled check they responded the check did not prove I passed the test. The person that proctored the test confirmed I had taken, and passed the test even stating the checks were attached to the test for all applicants as a package. The response was a polite tough **** from NAHI. I joined ASHI and basically have paid dues for a membership number.

I have watched InterNACHI for several years and I have to say it does more for inspectors and provides more training “For Free” than anyone out there. I’m sure there are some out there that have something negative to say about the association or Nick. I tend to base my opinion on actions and a person’s word. So I Joined this past October.

ASHI has not done anything for me personally. I will not be renewing that membership this year. The information I have learned in this thread has just confirmed I made the right decision.

We may have met. I taught classes 3 different times in Las Vegas for a NAHI national seminar over the past 12 yrs … Usually Codes for Home Inspectors, How to Lower Your Liability OR Commercial Roofing.

Seems like it was always at the Flamingo OR Tropicana

Yeah was at the Flamingo. Our Franchise Conference. One & onlt time in Vegas … LOL