Federal Home Inspection Legislative Committee

I joined ASHI in about 1985. Up till around 2000 I got a fair amount of training, information and business from belonging. BUT they were about the only club around. Since then its gone downhill year after year AND like the posts you found, it seems like they spend so much time trying to convince everyone THAT if you’re NOT one of them YOU’re not qualified to spit on the sidewalk … Makes me puke, especially when I see people with no training, experience, etc like Barnes or others in the KC club starting to run our business.

I got a kick out of Nick denying that A$HI does what is does. He does not realize that A$HI will do anything if it will give them the edge. They have no common sense or morals.

The Kansas Governor at that time found out what was going on, and got the laws out. Many legislative people were bought by the lobbyists, and even when the laws were approved something like 120-8, the Governor saw the corruption and got the laws out, along with some letter-writing from some of us HI’s. These people are only after one thing and that is money. IMO, it is not a good, honest way for these ASHI promoters to make a living.

Well, as I said earlier I tend to do my own research on topics like this. Everything said here was valid. I also have issues with people claiming certifications they do not have or in this case do not even exist. ASHI does not have a “MASTER Inspector” certification. But, in True ASHI form, they will do nothing about it even if made aware of it. This is one of my hot buttons if no one has noticed.

I am curious to see if Nick post any further comments on this thread. Maybe ASHI DID give him that Christmas present he alluded to. LOL

REA’s, especially here in KC and even in St. Louis, only want to suggest ASHI inspectors to their clients. Most every ASHI inspector writes basic reports, non-alarms the home buyers, and the REA’s love and promote them for these reasons. All anyone needs to do is to compare the term “representative number” in the SOP’s of any association. Letters should be written to the NAR from Nick alerting them to what is really going on here in the Midwest and other ASHI “controlled” cites. Simply, ASHI is NOT doing the best job for home buyers, and therefore, these REAs are not providing the best services to their clients.

As I have said before, all REA offices need to do is to pre-screen inspectors or any other trades person. They should seek out the best for their agents and clients, demand high educational requirements, experience, CMI, insurance, etc. instead of hiding behind or “needing” licensing of home inspectors, or suggesting “Uncle Bob”. These offices and agents are simply not providing the best to their home buyers.

Willy …

You say there is no MASTER inspector certification in ASHI. Are you sure, cause I’ve seen JB stating that for well over 6 years. Hard to believe he’d say that if not true. After all he was the Chair of the KS home inspection board.

Shame on you to bring it up???

Now you’re trying to make me feel bad Dan. LOL.

Here is the link to ASHI’s web page as of this morning. I admit I am old but I do not see anything in their levels that indicates “Master”. As this is their public page it suggests to the consumer these are the levels of certification.

One of the key roles of any trade association in my belief is to protect the consumer. That includes ensuring their members are not presenting themselves as having training or certifications they do not have. If you look at InterNACHI, as a CPI I have a member number that a consumer can use to verify I am a member in good standing and confirm my CPI. Nick even provides a link you can put on your web sit if you choose. CMI is presented as a separate certification which if you read the CMI site you can obtain and belong to ANY association. Now we all know that most if not all of the CMI’s are InterNACHI members. What I pointed out to Nick and was acknowledged they are looking into is that when I received my CMI there is no certification number assigned nor a method for a consumer to verify it is valid. Yes, if you check my InterNACHI number it shows CMI but remember, the CMI designation is supposed to be independent of your association affiliation. The solution is to have independent databases and a verification process. This will also control some of the multi-inspector companies from leading the consumer to believe all of their inspectors are CMI’s when maybe two of 10 are.

At the end of the day, our REA’s look upon us as individual inspectors, our quality of the report and our professionalism. That being said, our certifications and association affiliations are a reflection of each of us. So if an association does not do a respectable job of policing its members, and ensuring the certifications presented are accurate and earned it does have a reflection on each of us. That is one reason why I like the fact that InterNACHI provides access to a members education transcript.

So this thread began with the announcement of the ASHI, Federal Legislative Committee, and its Chairperson. Considering that in short order any consumer could find what is in this thread, that if this person was to represent ASHI at the federal or even state level it would do more damage than good.

One last point. The unfortunate reality of virtually all associations (not just inspector associations) is that over time they lean into the “Good Ole Boys” direction. First, because the “Good Ole Boys” tend to be visible, vocal and involved in almost everything. It may be good or bad but their name is recognized. Members in most organizations are virtually unknown and for the most part uninvolved. Look at this forum. Of the thousands of members, only a small percentage are really involved here. So few names are really known by them. The same applies to ASHI. As you said earlier, look at who the people are on the committees.

Good post. I agree with most of it except for:

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