Federal Pacific Panel - Manf in Raleigh NC

Just did an inspection this morning and found a Federal Pacific Panel that had manufactured in Raleigh NC and not the Newark NJ. Is this the same panel?

Is it a Stab-loc Load Center?

It doesn’t matter where it was manufactured, it’s the panel design and brand that you should be looking at - exceptions may apply to Canadian residents :wink:

Thanks Jeff… It was a stab-lock! I just never came across one of these in my area made in N.C.


There are flaky Canadian panels, too, like this 50-yr-old FP “No-Arc” made in Toronto. It’s no arc until someone trys to remove the deadfront, which is all that’s holding the breakers in place. :frowning:

The larger panel (On is Down) :stuck_out_tongue: is an example of the newer Federal Pioneer Stab-loc panel, fairly common and considered to be kind of OK.

John Kogel


You wacky Canadians and your sideways panels. :slight_smile:

There were 4 ways to orient that panel, underground service, so they put in that way. :stuck_out_tongue: I think they could have at least stuck the ON-OFF decal on there by the main breaker, since on is down.

If it’s a picture of a sideways panel, there are two choices: Canadian or if in the USA a hack install.:smiley:

See 240.81 2002 or 2005 NEC.
Edited to add code ref.