Federal Pacific Panels

I found this today. A bank of FPE Stab-Loks and 10 amp meters. You think maybe this is an original intallation? :roll:

Hi to all,

Jeff, i am guessing here, but those can’t be 10amp rated meters as such, surely the 10 amp is the calibration load.

Personally I have only ever seen one meter smaller than 60 amp and that was a 30, many meters however are calibrated under 15amp load.

BTW, the design of that meter appears to be 1930, maybe 40’s



10 Amp meters? Do you mean watt-hour meters?

I posed this question several years ago on this forum when I found a 30 amp meter. Back then, we actually had an expert in our midst that called himself The Meter Guy (or something to that affect), and you are correct Gerry.

The meter (as I remember) is calibrated at the indicated amperage, however, they operate under heavier loads.

A B D C ??? did someone put the wrong cover on the panel, or did they wire it wrong a swapped 'em after.