Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Panels

What do you guys think about Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Panels? I mean I know their history, and in my opinion, when found…I think they should be removed. I’ve reported their history, and asked for full evaluations before, and at other times, I’ve just plain asked for their removal. What I find is, when I ask for full evaluations, the panels almost always stay, with a little note saying…yes, the panels do have a history, but at this time, panel appears to be responding well. THE PANELS HISTORY IS…it usually does respond properly the first time. It’s after that that the problems start occurring. And when I ask for the panels removal…it is almost always met with things like the panel has been in this home for 35 years without incident, what do you mean replace it… How are you guys handling these things?

Thank you,


I’ll defer to the professional HI’s on how to approach FPE equipment.

I will say that any equipment that’s 35 years old is likely nearing the end of it’s useful life. Certainly a 35 year old FPE service fed with SE cable is likely in need of replacement.

I give them all the info, tell them to get it checked, and then I tell them that if it was my home it would be changed out.

Although I will not use it I do agree with your last sentence.