Federal Pacific StabLok

What should be noted when A Fed Pacific StabLok is still in house


“Panel has a history of defects and breakers failing to trip, replacement recommended by a qualified electrician.”

Inspect and report it just like you would any other panel, with maybe a little extra caution.

You may also mention it’s history, Accurately, that the panel is old, replacement parts (breakers may be hard to get and expensive), and the panel is no longer manufactured in the USA.

It’s history, which includes the fact that the company falsified test results to get their panels UL listed.

Why anyone with a quality product would do such a thing is a mystery. :roll:

Oh, and don’t forget about the class action lawsuit they lost in NJ. People buying homes with these panels in them might be interested in these tid bits of history, I know I would.

Yeah Kev. They admitted in court they faked reliability reports to UL.
Makes it easier for me down here in Florida - most insurance companies will not bind coverage until they are replaced.