Federal Pacific - The definitive answer

I spent an hour on the telephone with someone involved in a class action lawsuit against Reliable Electric and the old Federal Pacific. The suit reveals information about previous lawsuits which will blow your minds. The information relayed to me is explosive in ways most can not imagine. The problem is far reaching, and involves more than anyone can imagine regarding FP.

I am digesting the seven pages of notes I took and am crafting an article. For those of you who had doubts (myself included) I can assure you, your doubts will be removed. For those of you who believed Stab Lock to be faulty, hold on to your hats…

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I know they faked a bunch of tests to pass UL cerification. I got that from Doug Hansen.

Hansen is partially correct, though they didnt fake anything.

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The fact that you state this information was through someone involved in a class action law suit, infers that the information will be biased.


The information is now part of the public record, though preciously had been in sealed files.

Let me put it to you this way… How can you effectively recall 300 million circuit breakers?

As Roy Scheider once muttered in a movie, “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

By having insurance companies demand a inspection that identifies the problem. Then the insurance company sends a letter to the homeowner demanding that they upgrade or lose their coverage.



Sure why not. The state of Florida is mandating two types of inspections that every homeowner is going to be required to have in the near future. That is about 20 million inspections.

If you calculate that each panel has about 20 breakers in it then that is only 15 million inspections.

My question is why does some electricians state there is nothing wrong with a FP panel and then some state the house will burn down if you don’t upgrade. I hate coming across a FP panel. I called out one and the electrician told the homeowner nothing was wrong with it. So now I’m hesitant. The home owner was not happy having to pay a electrician when according to the electrician nothing was wrong with it.

Bill, you have to include in your report the fact that opinions will vary and more important, include the fact that most electricians think flipping a breaker off and back on in some way performed a “test”. The cost of doing a real test to every breaker will be close to just replacing the panel. All breakers that pass a real test could fail 10 minutes later so it is a wasted effort.


You have to be careful with your wording. In Florida we don’t have that problem since we can put it all on the back of the insurance company.


What would be the difference in putting it on an electrician or putting it on an insurance company if neither does anything? Are you saying there is a hotline you call to get the house condemned when you find an FP SL panel?

Greg and Bruce…

Can I see the exact wording you two put in your reports regarding FP panels?

The panels are manufactured by [size=2]Federal Pacific[/size]](http://www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm). These panels have a history of problems and are considered a safety hazard. Consult with a licensed electrician for panel upgrade.

All homes over 30 years old require a four point inspection for insurance. A panel over 30 years old is going to need upgraded if you want insurance. All FP panels are over 30 years old.

I had a home that was built in 1975. It had a 150 amp Bryant panel. The insurance company made the owner put in a new panel. They also made him repipe the house since the copper water supply was put in in 1975.

Thanks Greg. If you see a FP panel do you even take the cover off and look at it?