Federal Pacific

Here is a FP panel from yesterdays inspection. There is no arcing, actually the panel is pretty clean. Any thoughts?

It’s still an FPE. Whether or not the breakers will ever trip if they observe an overcurrent condition is always suspect.

I always recommend that the client should upgrade a FPE or a Zinsco panel. I actually found a licensed electrician that will upgrade them for $850.00.

I’ve seen & replaced tons of really clean ones like that. Like Marc & Greg said though, it’s still an FPE panel.

There is a Federal Pacific Electric “Stab-Lock” service panel in the house. There are some studies that show that its 220-volt circuit breakers fail to trip in response to an over-current or a short circuit. Since the Consumer Products Safety Commission has not issued a formal product recall, we cannot definitively call these panels defective. We recommend, for your peace of mind, to consult a qualified electrical contractor to get their opinion on this matter. There does not appear to be any current concerns in relation to currently installed panel.

The single pole breakers don’t trip either.:smiley: