Federated Insurance to Hire JMI to Perform 4 Point Inspections

Just got an email from an agent, I will post the full details when I get back to the office. Effective in July, all new risks with Federated insurance will have a 4point paid for and managed by Federated. Federated has contracted with JMI reports to perform 4 points on all homes 29 + years old.

Here’s the details I promised:



4-Point Inspections
Effective for business bound 7/1/12 and forward; 4 - Point inspections will be paid for and managed by Federated National!!! Federated has contracted with JMI Reports to perform 4-point inspections on homes over 29 years of age. Please inform the insured JMI Reports may be contacting them to schedule an appointment; their contact number is (800) 772-0436. All homes with a shingle or flat roof over 19 years of age may also be inspected. Before binding older risks, please verify with the insured the home has been updated in an effort to avoid an underwriting cancellation.

We continually strive to find ways to enhance our agent relations; thank you for being part of our team!!!

Good information Jay

To bad it is not JCM :slight_smile:

Yeah, who do I have to take to dinner.

It’s not likely who you know but who you need to blow.

Can you say KICKBACKS or nepotism? Likely one ore other.

If I were an insurance company I would want the guy working for me as well.

I believe Peoples Choice uses in house guys to do most of theirs.

I am one of the few outsiders they will accept according to my contact :slight_smile:

They say they really appreciate my no fluff approach.

I have heard horror stories about the mini home inspections folks try to submit to them.