Feds Bust Missouri Real Estate Broker

Could this be the personthe Missouri Association of Realtors had in mind to sit on a HI licensing board in a bill that they pushed earlier this year?

I suppose there are some pretty sad home inspectors looking for a new source of referrals around KC, tonight.:wink:

Those interested in a little background, here a link with an accurate overview and details


Rumors have it that Katheryn Shields, past Jackson County Exec will be running for Gov of Missouri next election. Hmmmmmm?


Since it is not a violent crime, this Broker will be able to keep his license. When somebody from MAR does white collar crime they are only put on probation. Sad, but true. :mad:

Here is yet ANOTHER member of the Missouri Association of Realtors to be indicted on federal charges for fraud this year.

No wonder houses aren’t selling in Missouri. All the salesmen are in jail.

I went to a Board of Realtors meeting last year, where a funny lady from the FBI talked about mortgage fraud. She explained how mortgage fraud was commiteed. It appears that some Realtors took it to heart.
I am so glad the inspection industry does not have problems the Realtors do. I have dropped out of organizations, like the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), because of some members being crooked. Where has people’s intergrity gone.

What people will do for profits.

The Feds shut down Mortgage companies in my area.

I guess you will find unscrupulous folks in just about every profession. The problem in Missouri is that (with the help of some inspectors who are in cahoots with them for referrals) the Missouri Association of Realtors considers itself above us ---- and wants to govern home inspectors through its lobbyists in the state capital.

The fact is that more Missouri members of the Missouri Association of Realtors have been indicted in a federal court for fraud in the last year than the total number of home inspectors with simple and routine Better Business Bureau Complaints. They are fabricating and blowing out of proportion these isolated cases to create the illusion for the need for their control — when the facts show that they, not others, need to have the tighter laws to govern their actions.