Fee calculator app?

Is there an app for the inspection fee calculator ?

Not really an app. But it works.


Is there an iPhone app that can be used in the field?

Why would you need one? Make a fee list on a piece of paper; photograph it with your phone; presto! If you need to get fancy make a pdf file and upload it to google drive. Now its available anywhere you have an internet connection and on any device with access. The rule for fees is simple: You must charge enough to stay in business AND feed the family.

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Maybe I am old school, but I do not use an app to calculate fees. I use an appointment sheet I fill in that includes all of the information about the property. It includes my fee schedule that calculates my labor rate for square footage, add on for age, basements, out buildings etc.and anything else you want to charge for. Your labor rate will be dependent on your area and what you need hourly to make a profit and cover your costs.
For me it is simple and quick and keeps me from forgetting something.

(I have to give Larry Kage kudos for this as I believe I plagiarized his appointment sheet he shared a few years ago). :grin:
Good luck and whatever you use,make sure you know your costs so you can make money!!

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