Fee Paid inspection

I am at the point where I either need to do 4 Mock Inspections or a fee paid inspection. I’m not sure what the fee paid inspection would be? Do I pay an Inspector to come out to a home and I would take notes and follow them around or is it something I do through INTERNACHI? I am friends with a home inspector and he said he would take me out to some inspections with him. Would this count towards my certification?

Thank you,


You may be well served to pay the best inspector you can find to inspect your home and observe very closely.


I think that you misunderstood what the requirement is. If you have already done fee-paid inspections, you don’t need to submit anything. You can skip this step. If you haven’t done any fee-paid inspections, then you need to submit the 4 mock inspections that you perform, not another inspector.

I would, either way, take your friend up on his offer to let you follow him as he does a home inspection. It won’t count towards your certification, but it could be much more valuable than the certification.

Hope this helps. Good luck!