Fee Schedule In South Florida

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I just obtained my inspector’s license in Florida after completing the Internachi 120 hour course. I am familiar with the fee calculator, but was wondering if there were fee schedule standards for Florida, as it seems that the prices fluctuate greatly. For example, what would a wind Mitigation/4 point inspection cost the client versus comprehensive home inspections. Sorry for all the questions, starting from scratch. Thank you for your time.

A good way to find that out is to call around and ask how much this or that costs. Or, have someone else do it for you.

Then place yourself in the middle or a little above the middle, price-wise.

Just a thought and it is what I did when I first started.

I hope your business takes off well, Richard. :smile:

Thank you Larry!

Good question…Yep!
My fees are based on how much I can soak them for…
Yep! Get it while you can…
Really! Uh! Huh! @jdepiero @jfudge

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Have you considered consulting the I Ching? :thinking:

You know it! :grin:

I Ching pronounced “ee-jing” grasshopper.