Feedback & Errata in the TREC Texas Standards of Practice Review Course

After completing the course, quizzes and exams, IMO, there are some errors in content and questions that need to be addressed.

I’m posting this here rather than in the education forum, because we all know that the educational forum posts are read by no one.

I’m going to do one comment per post.

Quiz #4 and Final Exam

The answer is True, but is not to be found in the course.

The course content that includes the content from the Texas Standard of Practice omitted the relevant subsection


Missing content:

Quiz #4 and Final Exam

A damper is not mentioned in the SOP but backflow prevention is. Backflow prevention is required to protect the potable water supply and has nothing to do with a “damper”.


The “correct” answer is an exact reiteration of the question. This is an editorial error. The real answer needs to be put in the list of options.

Quiz #8

The question is wrongly worded. The first portion of the question “Inspectors are required to inspect underground drainage systems” is FALSE. There cannot be a correct answer to this question other than “False”. The listed “correct” response is also FALSE. Inspectors are not required to “Test” gutters and downspouts, they are required to “report as deficient” gutters or downspouts that are above ground and have visible deficiencies. The question is a mess and should be completely rewritten.

Quiz #8

This question is based on FAQ 27, which is much broader and includes several gas fired appliance related questions. TREC’s response was

Not all doors in a house require weatherstripping

Final Exam

I can’t fathom where this question came from. This has nothing to do with the SOP for inspectors and certainly is not addressed within the TREC Inspector SOP. I don’t actually know what the correct answer was supposed to be.

This absolutely does not belong in the final exam for a TREC Texas Inspector Standards of Practice Review course.

So … no “in depth” review and checking of the final product before publishing?

I thought (likely a wrong assumption on my part) that TREC had to review each course for content and accuracy before it could be published.

That should have been two reviews (INachi and TREC) … guess it slipped through some way.

Chuck - Excellent work and especially the time you took to review and share.

There is no standard of practice nor minimum performance standard for those who regulate the professionals who are required to meet minimum performance standards.

There is no penalty matrix for the creators of the penalty matrix. No protection for the public from the “protectors” of the public…

How about the crappy Remote Proctor system that doesn’t work and doesn’t have any way to contact them for support?