Feedback on new idea

Hi, I’m early in the process of starting a new venture focused on making homeownership easier. We are looking into offering homeowners some features that involve giving them expert answers to their questions from qualified inspectors.

It would be very helpful to have a few chats with members of this community. I’d be happy to pay for 30 minutes of your time to help me get a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations of what we’re trying to do.

Please reach out to me at if you’re open.

Thank you!
Dave Goldberg

Inspectors with expert answers need a lot of experience. They will need enough information to offer an opinion, which is very hard to do over the internet. When their “expert” opinion fails to produce the results the homeowner asked for then it becomes a liability. It all comes down to managing the homeowners expectations and how you advertise this service. IMO if my expert opinion is worth my time you or the homeowner will have to pay for it.


This sounds like the gig-ification of home inspection expertise. I.E. sell your expertise over the internet for pennies. Kind of like

The problem with that idea is that every house is different, and trying to provide an opinion over the internet from photos is a really poor idea. What if the expert makes a mistake. Who insures him, the website, or himself.


Thank you Randy! Would you be open to discussing this a bit more? I’m trying to learn as much as possible. The thought is that homeowners would pay for expert advice, and that there may be tools or ways to construct the service to help overcome the obstacles of doing it remotely.

Just 15-20 minutes of your time would be helpful so I can get the full context of what you’re saying and identify pitfalls that might hit us.

Thank you Darren! Yes, there are some similarities to justanswer, but with more of a specific domain focus on homes. We’re thinking of using more than just photos.

Would you be open to chatting a bit more about this? Just a few minutes of your time will help us identify pitfalls and would be helpful in creating a better experience for homeowners and inspectors.


I think one of the hurdles of this idea is going to be that inspectors are not “experts” per say at anything. We are generalists. We are trained to refer issues to experts. So say a homeowner has a question about how their electric panel is wired. Our answer may very well be, “It appears to be wired incorrectly, please consult with a qualified electrical contractor.” Why wouldn’t they just ask an electrician on JustAnswer to begin with?

Now if you are pursuing the idea of a virtual home inspection, that is much different. But also I would think incredibly difficult to accomplish. I would have to charge the same amount that a local home inspector would for doing it in person, no?


You can get virtual advice on many things, all of them have their built-in limits of liability. I can chat with a doctor online and get a prescription.

So, you need to understand what a home inspector does.

We identify defects as generalist and we elevate those defects to be evaluated or repaired by someone who specializes in that field.

One of the values of our services is that you get one person to walk through your home and identify defects vs bringing in 9 or more specialist. But we do not prescribe cures.


Finally, if you are trying to do virtual home inspections…forget it.

All 5 senses are employed during a home inspection. Then there is experience and intuition. I can demonstrate a many many significant defects that could not be detected via video or camera.


Finally a worthy reason for licensing.


Thanks Ryan, I appreciate the response. I’m not pursuing the idea of a virtual home inspection, but your thoughts on the first part are very relevant. Any chance you’d be open to chat for 15 minutes later this week?

Thanks Brian - this is exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for. Any chance you’d be open to discussing a bit further so I can learn more?