Feel Good Story

I think I may have touched a nerve on this subject of “Random Acts of Kindness”, at least I hope so. I know I myself have been convicted. What seemed like a good idea and then actually having the chance to act on it that very same day was very humbling to me. When you give you are given back ten fold, is so true.
I sure hope to see others posting Acts they have seen, heard, or done themselves. Until then I am going to try to post a few times a week real stories from others around the country that have done just this. Here we go:

Huge moment for my 11-year-old self.

When I was about 10 years old, I began to suffer from very extreme eczema. I covered a large amount of my body and it was very painful. My mom and I tried countless medicines, treatments, creams and pills in an effort to discourage my unfortunate symptoms, but with no success. One day we were in a local pharmacy looking into yet another option we hadn’t yet tried. We spent about 30 minutes discussing my skin’s history in detail with one of the employees. I don’t remember what the medicine in question was anymore, but I do remember that it cost a pretty penny. When we finally went up to the counter to pay, the receptionist surprised us by relaying that we wouldn’t be paying for any of it. A man who had been in the store at the time and heard my story had gone out of his way to pay for what I needed without ever saying a word to us. I was shocked and completely humbled by the experience. For my young self, that was a huge lesson in the power of compassion. I don’t know the identity of the kind man who helped me out that day but I have never forgotten what that felt like.:slight_smile:

I bet you Thomas have passed it on and helped others too. Thanks for the story… Roy

Several years ago my family and I were on a spring vacation trip to South Dakota and stop into a restaurant for diner. While we waited for our meal, we recognized the physical symptoms of a young boy battling with cancer eating near by with his family. My wife and I started a foundation for kids battling cancer after we lost our own son to the disease, so we were proud to use a little of that money to pay for the family’s meal. However, before we made arrangements with our waitress, three other families had already stepped up to pay!

Lot more good people than bad in this world