Feel The Asbestos!

I just received a call from a woman I did a seller’s inspection for nearly a year ago. I reported suspected asbestos pipe wrap in the basement. It was very friable (fried, you might say) and several chunks of insulation had been torn off.

The seller has put off selling the home until now. Although she didn’t take action on the pipe wrap, she offered my report to the seller as disclosure. The seller hired their own inspector who didn’t notice the asbestos until he read my report (it was at eye level everywhere in the basement). The seller says that once he was alerted to it, he tore a chunk off, rubbed it between his fingers until it turned to dust, and said, “Yup, this stuff is in bad shape.”


Jeff you are the Man you saw and reported, Well done .

I did an Inspection that had a pre inspection .
He missed the Asbestious and Foam board and Knob and Tube and that there had been a previous fire in the Base ment .
Many agents love the other type of Inspector.
We do a proper inspection and try to stay out of trouble .
Incedentlt this other HI also gives a free Wett Inspection I do not do wett.
( Wood burning appliances)
I also charge more .
Roy Cooke