Feeling Mislead!

Hi, had home renos done, faulty work not to code on foundation wrap etc. called master inspector to come as I needed an expert witness just in case things would ever have to go to court. He came, spent maybe 45 minutes, found problems, gave much assurance and advice which proved to all be misleading. He also told us if he had to go to court it would not cost more. I was told I had a choice not to use my same contracter to do the work… I opted for that. He instructed us to inform that contractor, via registered mail that we would be using held back funds to pay someone else to do the work… He told us if we didn’t want to deal with former contractor he would be happy to and I could refer him to him in my letter, which I did. He also sent an encouraging letter promising to help move my file forward with the RBQ as quick as possible. He left us with the impression that everything would be fairly simple with his report. The RBQ wanted nothing to do with him and asked him to retract his report.
First cost of inspection $1500 + tax. All to find out that everything is not at all as simple as he made it out to be. We now find ourselves with no other option than to obtain legal advice.
Due to the results of the inspection, we examined our construction photos carefully, only to find several more inadequacies. Our lawyer suggested getting another report as we need to know how much it will cost to fix all that needs to be fixed. SURPRISE!, another $1250. Plus tax, PLUS court costs! The inspector now assumes it is going to go to court and the story has changed. We now have been offerered 3 options, all of which are costly. We don’t have this kind of money, we trusted we were finally being taken care of…only to feel now very mislead. What to do!? Oh, and according to Internachies Code of Ethics, we were to have been informed by way of written contract as to the scope of the work he would be performing…never signed any contract. When I spoke to the lawyer about additional costs, he too found it quite pricey…said I could have a structural engineers report for maybe $2000., tops. Though his report was deemed very good, we feel very mislead. Is there anything we can do about this?

Were you given a contract ahead of time, stating what the inspector would and would not do?

No I wasn’t.

Can I not have more feedback on this? Feeling let down, not only by contactor but inspector as well.

Sounds like this is something you need to take up with the inspector and their licensing board if you feel slighted. Not something individuals on this forum will be able to assist you with.

Also if you are referring to CMI’s then I have to tell you…did you verify they are indeed a CMI?..Did you get a contract, because if you did not…well…they can say anything but its not in written form (contract wise) them well…you versus them.

Also CMI’s and traditional home inspectors do not generally quote code so asking a normal CMI (with no specialized extra training) to provide something for a court case is well…not something I would recommend to a CMI.

Also…if it was a CMI then send something to the CMI board for review, that is not going to happen on this board and it is against NACHI SOP to berate and slander another NACHI member on this board so you wont find anyone willing to do that here.

Seems so me again that your issue is between You, Your Inspector, and the lawyer.

You should always check out the people you hire, determine with 100% accuracy they are who they say they are and qualified to do what they say. And ALWAYS get things in written form…contract, scope of work, details of inspection, and anything else that can help your case if it goes to court.

Just my thoughts on it…good luck