Feeling You're Being Watched

Ever been in a home conducting an inspection all alone but had an uneasy feeling like you’re being watched, and when you get back to the office, upload the pictures you took during the inspection and find something like this:

SPOOKY!!! I saw this on a realtors social media post. It’s from an actual listing.


Yeah that gave me goose bumps!


Feel like I’m being watched and listened to all the time at home inspections anymore, but not by ghost.


Home inspectors must always look and act ‘Their Best.’ period. Be it during a condition assessment, meet and greets, or on the phone. One slip could do irreputable harm to your personal business name and how other professionals perceive you.

When you continually act and look professional, doesn’t matter who’s watching, you are seen through that lens and a professional image will come shining through… :grinning:

Personally, I don’t care if there are monitors in the home. But, I do warn individuals at the inspection, not to take images or movies of me during a condition assessment without my permission/written consent. Copyright and privacy laws.