fees for high-end homes?

I’m doing a pre-list inspection of a $4.2 million home. What to charge for both pre-listing and buyers inspections of homes in this range? I know it will vary by area but hey, I’m open to suggestion.

High end or low end, I always charge (the same, on each) according to size.

Normal inspection or Pre-listing inspection, I always charge (the same, on each) according to size.

I also charge by size and other equipment and foundation variables and not by selling price.

Around here you could have a 2500 sq. ft. home on a full basement which is on lake frontage for 2.5 Mil or more.

Selling price has no real bearing on my fee (pre-listing or buyer’s).

If you want to price your inspections based on the listing price, that’s one way to do it. But my most difficult inspectons are the houses that are worth about $30,000 (read POS); not the new, large homes. I therefore charge more for older homes or homes in disrepair. I give a small discount for new homes. Like the other guys, I charge based on size.

You need a pricing system that’s competitive in your market. You should have that already established and be ready with your quotes when the phone rings.