Fell off the wagon for a night. Back on.

There is really no such thing as accidentally but at least you can admit your faults. I’ve never been a drinker so I’ve never had a problem. If you ever do have 24 get on here and give away free stuff. Good luck.

All you have to do is watch the documentary, Food Inc. and you won’t be going back for a drive-thru burger anytime soon. Just look up “pink slime”. Yuch. :vomit:

don’t be so quick to label yourself, Nick. A true alcoholic could not stop at two. Maybe, once every two years, you’re just normally stupid?

True Story…
(many years ago…)

I accompanied Nick to a New York Chapter Meeting
we got lost coming home
(Nick was stone sober… nothing to drink)

we found ourselves at a Diner in Perth Amboy, NJ
at 2 AM
looking for directions
There were 4 NJ State Troopers at a table…

Nick asked if they could help us…

The Trooper asked what we were looking for…

Nick replied…


2 of the troopers almost choked on their coffee.

we did manage to find our way…
without being arrested for being sober and stupid…


With all that good weed in Colorado, why drink in the first place? :shock:


She forgot about the ol’ John Deere.

that could be really good fun!

Keep on at it Nick, it’s something that will never leave you, unfortunately.
Just need to see a drunk on tv and I can pass over a drink! Known a few alcoholics in my time, one friend is on the wagon right now, has been for almost half a year, complete turnaround in his attitude, his anger issues seem to have disappeared, so much so that he actually seems nice now. LOL.

The easiest drink to pass up is the first one. And the first drink is the one that gets you drunk…

For me, I find it easier to stop after 1 or 2, and impossible to stop after 4. Now carrot cake… we’ll that’s a different matter. :wink:

Numerous alcoholics in my family. I gave it up five years ago this past Christmas. Don’t miss it since it was my decision. The good thing about it is my sons have taken notice and don’t drink. I’m hoping we can start a new trend in the family. Of course my wife drinks wine like it is going out of style. Stan

one day at a time Nick …
-Bill W.-

I actually saw a guy when I was a kid fall off a wagon during a hayride and broken several ribs, but did not know he broke any ribs until he woke up the next morning because he was drunk. Sad but true.

Nobody cares Jimmy.
Sad but true.

…and a hundred isn’t enough. same here :slight_smile:

I don’t drink or smoke. Mom’s side lived till the end of time. Dad’s side dies early. So I live one day at time and make plans for the next. So far “Knock on Wood” no health problems.

The way I beat alcoholism is to have it within reach at all times. It was so comforting to know that I could have a drink if I really wanted one, that I didn’t want one.

I know. AA wouldn’t agree with my system, but that’s how I did it.