Fellow DI's

Good course to take !:cool:

Please explain what it means and what you will do with it .

Its on how to use the FEMA developed Substantial Damage Estimator(SDE)2.0 Tool. SDE is designed to help Federal, State, and local officials manage data collection and assessment of substantial damage. And how to enter the data that has been collected from the field. More knowledge for a Disaster Inspector.

Last I heard only certain bigwigs get the contracts and pay Inspectors slave wages.
Maybe I am wrong but there was a lot of stuff about that in the past.

Understand where your coming from. Commercial Inspections is My Main Goal. The more knowledge in all phases of Inspecting can further ones goals. Don’t forget your meeting all kinds of people in all levels of the field and that’s one of the Ace cards I don’t mind holding onto.

Good for you James. The more knowledge, the more power. One should never stop learning :slight_smile: