Fellow Home Inspector

Ran into a home inspector this week and got chatting with him he was a rhi and a national certification member here in canada, he claims he knows everything there is to know about home inspecting…I used to drive a big truck in the forces and we used to say when you brag that you know everything about driving the truck its time to hang up your keys before ya kill someone…Wonder if it should apply in this case?

You mean you can know all there is to know??:eek:
I guess continuing education is worthless. :roll:

He may claim to know everything there is to know…but can he remember it all at once?

Was he a young man? I knew everything, too, when I was in my twenties. I couldn’t understand why no one called me to ask me stuff…I had all the answers.

Looks like things haven’t changed much in 40 years.:wink:


Me too…knew everything in my twenties…wish i had written some of it down:neutral:

Hey! Lay off the twenty-somethings. :mrgreen:

Actually…the older I get, the better I was.

Reminds me of the saying - A legend in his own mind!

Ha, Ha, Ha. He was about 55-59 years old quite the talker knew everything about everything had a story for just about all that he said. God love him.

ohh funny and way to true. :smiley:

I’m 70-something and I don’t know everything.

There are just two more things to go, and then I’ll know everything.

I am with you Jae - I do have all the answers - but sometimes they don’t ask the questions that match my answers - What can you do!

Hey John! That guy, did he talk a lot about Sarnia ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :shock: :roll:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Luke’s father!!

Every time I get too full of myself, G-d has a way of head slapping me and me “just about” missing a major defect.

Keeps me humble (which I VERY MUCH need) and helps me to be a better inspector.

If you work as if your only client is G-d, no one else can find fault.

Just my opinion, based upon my life and experience.

Sorry if I have offended anyone who refuses to believe in G-d.

But, hey, it’s worked for me.

Huh? That’s a bizarre statement if I’ve ever heard one.

Very well put Will… nothing wrong with believeing in the big guy!

That is funny John!

I ran into a couple of inspectors at the tail end of my inspection today. I was just finishing off the interior when they were inspecting the exterior of the house. One inspector is a NACHI member the other? They were not as arrogant as the inspector that you ran into. But none of these guys’s was using an IR camera, so I bet they completely missed a roof leak that was not visible with the naked eye.
Was your know-it-all using infrared?