Fellow inspector in need

https://www.crowdrise.com/AngelsforAndrea/fundraiser/tomgelske. Hey guys. A fellow member just lost his wife and has two small kids. His name is Tom Gelske and is the nicest guy you could ever meet. any help is appreciated

You are a good man Bonner. I wish you and yours well :slight_smile:

Done. That was easy, too. Thank you for sharing the opportunity to help.

I made a donation and posted to Facebook for others…

Thanks guys.Again, this is a genuinely good guy who is also a veteran. I met him through this message board and took him out in the field for a while when he first got licensed. They were fighting the cancer for the last year or two and just lost the battle. I love my family more than anything and feel so bad for him. He is also a great inspector and i will keep contact to make sure he has work

I’ll be going on vacation later if you email me his info I’ll send him whatever comes to me while I am on my STAYCATION.

It would normally go to you but hey if it will help him out i’ll be glad to send him whatever comes my way.

Use my regular email please.

I made a donation also, let me know if there is anything else we can do.

cool thanks guys. Spread the word. @Meeker, ill let you know, may be too soon 4 inspections

Done From New Jersey!! Nice to see the comradery, here!!!

That sucks I cannot imagine the sorrow :frowning:

Donation made.


Done. We’re also praying for them.

thanks for the contributions and support. So many generous and caring members here. Our brother Tom is doing ok and even back to work, ( hes a great inspector!) Again, many thanks, and remember to live everyday like its your last.


I just found out about this, and made a donation.