Fellow member Brian Bassett was attacked by 3 pit bulls on an inspection

I work a lot of homes in Detroit. Some rough neighborhoods. My wife is starting to wonder if I should have a side arm when go these for incidents such as this. Is there anything that prevents us from carrying as far as InterNACHI is concerned?

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If you are doing it lawfully, I can’t see anything that would prevent that. Be safe!

On another note:

Has there been a go fund me campaign set up yet for Brian and his family?

Its in the first post.

Thank you, I missed that.

Great work, Nick.
I feel dogs should be removed from the premises until the inspector has left the residence.

|### brianbassett@tx.rr.com|6:26 AM (4 hours ago)||

to Nick


Good Morning Nick,

I;d like to update you on my progress following the pit bull attack over a week ago. I’ve undergone 4 procedures or surgeries to clean and remove damaged soft tissue to my lower left leg. On Monday, the plastic surgeons here at Parkland Trauma Center in Dallas will perform reconstructive surgery using a flap procedure by taking muscle tissue from my thigh and placing it in the lower leg areas. There will then be long rehabilitation period but I’m excited about getting back to inspecting homes as soon as possible.

My wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of hearts for all your concern and support. I’m getting messages from throughout the state of Texas and the entire United States!

Thank you again for your support, joining InterNachi over 15 years ago was a great decision when starting my home inspection business!


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That is Nick! :grinning: :smiley:

I’m really happy he’s coming along. I can’t imagine 3 pitbulls attacking my lower anything.

I carry a blade but by the time I got it out and inserted the blade into three or more eye sockets, I’m sure there would be bad damage.

Hang in there, Brian! :smile:

I want to take the time to sincerely thank you for your donation to my GoFundMe account. As you know, this fundraiser was started to help with medical expenses and to provide income support during my recovery from my accident on 8/28/19. Your thoughts, prayers, donations and contributions will help us tremendously the next 4-6 months on my road to recovery.
Brian Bassett TREC #6581

We’re with you Brian. Take the time you need to heal up and we’ll keep the good energy coming your way.

Thanks for the update.