Fellow NAHCI members I need your opinions & help!!

What would you guys do if you saw a blatant copy of your website created by another inspector? Please look at the links below.

My site: www.aghi.ca

Copy site: www.barriehomeinspections.com

Your feedback and thoughts are appreciated.

Well firstly I can’t access the other site you claim is a copy of your website it is down or taken off the web.

Secondly as I believe the alleged company you allegedly have issues with would fall under the mandate of the ESOP committee as I believe that inspector is an Nachi member.

I suggest you contact the ESOP for assistance. And good luck.

Failing that contact a lawyer re copyright law.

You seem to be having some computer problems Raymond. Both sites are up and running.

I got the same error 4 times …


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
Apache/1.3.37 Server at www.barriehomeinspections.com Port 80

I get the same thing now. Something is up.:wink:

Web Destroying Organisms :slight_smile:


I just accessed both, no problem.

In FireFox push F5 to force a new page load.

Looks like the wiley rascal pulled his site down before we could go and get ourselves whipped into a famous “NACHI frenzy”.


You want frenzy?

Go to this guys site. Click on his NACHI verify.

Thus denying you and the ESOP the ability to flex your muscle. :wink:

Or this one - same thing.



I can access the site now and what am I missing? I couldn’t see anything that was similar?


Looks like he cleaned up his act pretty quickly, Erich.

I have seen Barrie Inspectors site before and I don’t ever recall it being anything but what he has up there now fwiw.

I have not seen the other site. I would simply offer that “templates” also lead to people sharing in very similar information, and likely a pretty similar looking website. After all its just that a master layout ready for further tweaking to suit the individual.

The other site went so far as to take Erich’s logo, changing the words to his own company name. :frowning:

Thanks - that is a totally different issue - in that case it would copying/plagiarism.

Well guys it looks like Greg at inspector sites took care of the situation for me, his site is indeed down.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that another NACHI member would do such a thing, highly unethical in my eyes.

I can see why he stole your site, Erich. His looks like something I saw on the heel of my boot the other day;-)
And what’s up with the friggin’ $199 inspections? **GET A CLUE, MAN! **:twisted:

If he charged the proper rate, he could afford to have a site made and maintained for him, that he wouldn’t be embarrassed by.
Well let’s hope the lesson was learned and at least an apology forthcoming, in my opinion.