Felt dots?

I remember seeing these years ago on a stucco structure and wondering what they were for. Now twice in the last two weeks I have seen these… what appears to be a felt dot about a 1/4" in diameter adhered to the stucco about 3 feet above the ground every 6 to 10 feet all the way around the house. On the one house they were also stuck on to the aluminum screen enclosure around the back. Anyone have any insight?

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Wish I could help you, I have never seen them before… sorry:(

My only thought is… are they “stuck on” or are they “stuck in” holes drilled into the wall, ie. test or injection holes?

Velcro like material, maybe used to hang a string of lights??

There are only 4 concerns in a home sale…

  1. The survey and he/she wouldn’t need them,
  2. The home inspector and he/she wouldn’t need the.
  3. The appraiser…They may need them to get an absolute measurement if their tape it to short on a long run as a spot point.
    That’s all I got!
    I’m bettin’ the appraiser…Huh?

It it was FHA they could have done a density test to confirm the thickness of the stucco at those locations. 7/8 in. thick the last time I have dealt with them.
I don’t know!
Maybe some sort of a benchmark.

Kids… Summer boredom

Did you do that…By the way it ain’t summer no more.:smiley:

Stuck on. Years ago when I saw this I did peel one or two off, not covering a hole, and it was obvious (unless it was the worlds smallest drill bit that Russia sent us and we drilled a hole in it and sent it back bit) that there was no hole drilled. First house I found this on last week, I looked at the house next door and yep! Same thing.

Hmmm, that’s a thought, I was thinking it had something to do with stucco, possibly a stucco company QA inspector marking that the whole house had actually been inspected.

Marking a laser line?

They were not level.

I think whoever said lights may be correct. Connect the dots and see if there is a pattern :slight_smile:

I have never seen it over here.

They look like the little felt dots ole ladies put on the bottoms of their collectables ???

That what they feel like too.

Ok 3 different houses in 2 weeks here is pics from this morning.

They may be for keeping the windows from scratching each other during shipping and the stucco guys are messin’ with you.

Somebody’s effing with you dude!!!

Is it all in the same community? ASK THE OWNERS…