Felt dots?

Does any one know what these felt dots are for? I have seen them on 3 different homes in the last couple weeks. They are placed every 6 to 10 feet all the way around the home usually 2 to 4 feet above grade. About a 1/4" round and 1/8" thick. There is another thread about this with almost 500 views, Mike suggested posting here to see if any one knows. Thanks.

It’s not felt.

It half of a hook and loop system.

Deja Vu over and over again .

I’d just go ask the owner.

Velcro Fly? :mrgreen:

I saw them on a home recently also. Owner was not present to ask.

Who actually GAF!?!


Yes it was stucco. I didn’t think to check to see if they lined up with the centricon receptacles

You might just have something there. All I could think of was that they were some kind of marker.

These “felt dots” are part of the packaging for aluminum extruded material such as doors and the hardware…we used to stick them on the interior of the Z-channel to prevent to door from slamming shut and waking up the entire neighborhood.

I still am thinking some kind of marker as well.

Aren’t those cork dots?

Never came across the cork ones, felt dots were also part of hurricane shutter hardware for accordions and roll-down shutters…either way, they serve no purpose for the inspection.

My house had no hurricane protection period.

The ones I saw all had impact windows. I found some of these dots on ASE nowhere near any windows on a couple of them.

Might be a government bug listening device. Only on high end homes where I see them

Now for the real answer ------They are markers for where the pest control operator installs termite bait stations around the perimeter of the house in case they get covered over with mulch or grass and they can locate them, hope that helps :wink:

I think we we have a bingo! Thanks Fred!

Just happened to catch the proof in a photo from the first inspection I observed these dots, taken from inside the ASE, so kind of out of focus, but can see the staion directly below the dot. Thanks Fred!