Felt dots?

Nice! Thanks for the answer.

Glad I could contribute and my pleasure ! :smiley:

Thanks Fred. Can’t wait to find my next dot

From this mornings inspection a perfect example of what Fred explained.:wink:

don’t eat them they may be microdots.

Hey Roy you mean TO EAT THEM …:smiley: …just make sure your not doing anything for the next 10 hours :shock:

Mushrooms would be much more consistent choice.:smiley:

Ain’t that right Fred! You ain’t worth a crap! LOL!

Purple Haze! That lick will never die! Excuse me while I'll kiss the sky!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For you friggin’ yankees …Notice lowercase on the yankee.
Shromms are abundant up here.
If you have the balls to pick them. I don’t ! Too old!
Got outta that a long time ago… Humm!

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

At the friggin’ minimum it ain’t felt dots…
Thank you!

Least I ain’t got dots on my mailbox :slight_smile:

Do you have one?( inside story guys)

You need to take that red light outta ur window…

No one asked me why I have reflective dot on my mail box…