FEMA contract: Another new source of revenue for InterNACHI members. Sign up now!

sounds like Parr

Parr lost their contract this year. InterNACHI members are doing them from here on out.

Marvin Goldstein will be helping man the InterNACHI booth at the Vegas Convention if you want to talk with him about it.

So I am filling out the app. What is a confirmation code for a phone #? This is a new one on me. thanks

I wondered what happened to PARR.
Signed up.
Thanks Nick!!

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

The not so distant past A$HI Prez? Hmmm…:-k

Not my cup of tea. Does anyone have any stats on what percentage of inspectors that signed up for this and completed or was deployed to at least 1 inspection, remain with FEMA? I would say 10%?

There has been many posts on this in the MB. But hey to each their own.

Hey Nick when the SHTF are you waiting for FEMA to help you? Silly question, I know you’re not! I know you have that nice 10k sq ft bunker underground stocked with a prepper’s dream list of supplies. Got room for 5 more? :stuck_out_tongue:

Intersecting tidbit on application.

Licenses/Certifications (check all that apply)

Only have ASHI Certification listed.

Does NOT have InterNACHI Certification listed.

I guess that would be “other”.

InterNACHI was there when I looked at it a couple of hours ago.

At the application on their website, or the pdf app? I was at the website.


Yes, Marvin is an ASHI President and will be at the InterNACHI booth at the Vegas convention. Like I said, *Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile. :cool:

No place for InterNACHI when I signed up just now. I selected “other”.

Will the fees to inspectors go up, or the same cheap pay?

InterNACHI members,

Our focus the past week has been looking for ways to better communicate with you, and after listening to your comments/ concerns, we have exciting news:

First—Vanguard’s Facebook Page has Launched! We urge all of you to log in and “like” our page at www.facebook.com/VanguardEM We will be using it to post announcements, new training opportunities, and contract updates – so don’t miss out on joining the community! Additional social media sites including Twitter are being developed and will be opened soon.

Marvin Goldstein