Femto CRM 510

Have three to sell as a package.

CRM 510. with charger, cable, and box. Last calibrated 2002.

CRM 510, with cable and box. Last calibrated 1999.

CRM 510, with box. Last calibrated 1999.

One key. Will work on all three. No printer. One instruction manual. I am going to scan and post the manual free on the forum.

Radon business in Texas faded away and these have been sitting on my shelf for 17 years! Femto web site indicates newest models going for $4200 each. I do not know if batteries are good (probably not) and I am sure they need calibration. Will need a printer. You can buy printer cables cheaper on the Internet than Femto. A Femto calibration and battery cost $265 each machine. I do not know what work Femto will say they need.

$1989 for all three. admin@cahillinspection.com