Fence in a window

:slight_smile: The “fence” is made of wood and is permanent, will not move, no hinges, nothing.

Hi Chris

Whats on the other side, the neighbors living room window----:smiley:

Ole addie prolly wanted some privacy in the “Jetted Tub”----:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats Sarah Palins tub.


Still lots of space for “Peeping Tom” to have a view!!

was that an effort to avoid a tempered window?

Since the finished ‘nice’ side of the fence is facing in, doesn’t it mean it’s the neighbors fence?

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Bet that tears off easy in emergency , but what gives with the spa tub and then no tile with cra-p wall instead.

I always call those out when I see them, because that is a Comercial Window Fence which are not allowed for this application. You need to have a Residential Window Fence Installed to be correct. :smiley: :cool:

Good eye!

I was wondering if anyone was going to catch that…:smiley:

Exactly, when the show begins it needs to be opened like a RV Gate—:stuck_out_tongue:

Bob, you can’t get out that window anyway!

Can’t you see that’s “Blue-board” ?! :wink:
It’s waterproof! :shock: :mrgreen: