Fenix PD35 LED Flashlight.

Subtotal: $99.94
Shipping & Handling: $15.10
Discounts: -$5.00
Estimated Tax: $0.00
Total: $110.04

$106.99 All Three (Free Ground Shipping)


For the PD35 with batteries and charger shipped to your zip code Carl, USPS Priority Mail is $6.65 on our website if you would like a cheaper option, plus it’s much faster than UPS Ground. You’re in Florida, which is unfortunately one of the most expensive parts of the country for us to ship to, as we’re in Colorado.

Plus, you get two free microwave testers and we often throw in freebies.

PD35 with batteries and charger: $99.94
Internachi discount: -$5.00
USPS Priority Mail Shipping: $6.65
Total: $101.59

Carl, your math is incorrect as you didn’t choose the least expensive shipping option for your hypothetical InspectorOutlet order. Let me help you do it again:

Items: $106.99
Shipping & handling: $0.00 (Free 2 day shipping with Prime or Free ground Shipping)
Total before tax: $106.99
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Order total through Amazon: $106.99, you can’t add freebies and it doesn’t come with two microwave oven leak detectors. :frowning:


TK35UE: $99.94
InterNACHI discount: -$5.00
USPS Priority Mail Shipping: $6.65
Order total through InspectorOutlet: $101.59, plus you can add freebies http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-stuff.aspx , and the freebees ship for free as well, and each flashlight comes with two free microwave oven leak detectors. :smiley:

Furthermore, you’ll get it faster from InspectorOutlet which ships USPS Priority mail compared to the ground shipping used by Amazon.

Buy from InspectorOutlet because it is less expensive, you can add on freebies, the freebies come with free shipping, the flashlight comes with two microwave oven leak detectors, and it all ships priority mail instead of ground so you get your order faster.

Nick, If it comes with extra stuff, why don’t they say that instead of leaving me guessing of what comes extra with what?


I guess you just have to know that InspectorOutlet has a “Free Stuff” section.

The two free microwave testers mention is displayed inside the description of the flashlights with a live link to them (hard to find but there).

But even without the free extras, it is still cheaper through InspectorOutlet.

Also, your order though InspectorOutlet ships priority instead of ground, so you get it faster.

Also, InspectorOutlet usually ships within a day of you placing an order.

Also, InspectorOutlet gets rid of its old stock by throwing it into member’s orders randomly and at no charge. Recently, when InterNACHI released its Third Edition of 25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/all-new-25-standards-every-inspector-should-know-book-3rd-edition-93794/#post1221897 InspectorOutlet still had cases of the Second Edition. Those older editions all ended up being included randomly in www.nachi.org/now.htm shipments to members, for free.