Fetch Report problem

Here is a problem I run accross…every once in awhile I have a customer call me and say they cannot download the report. I realize the problem is PBKAC. So I log out and log back in with their email and password, works just fine. But now I cannot log out and must wait for it to time out so I can log back in and upload a report. This can take hours it seems like. Is there a chance that we can get a log out button on the page the client sees. I need to upload a report now and can not.


You could clear your cookies in the interim. It’s going to wipe out any other logins you may have (like here) and you’ll have to relogin…

Hey Dom,

Been there done that and didnt work…I have to do what you mentioned and restart my computer…Hopefully Chris will see this post and add a log off button on the download page. That is where I am having the problem. My report has been sent. It would be nice to have that option.


Hopefully. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

There’s now a “Log Out” link near the copyright notice at the bottom of the page.


Thanks Chris.

Sure thing, Mike.

Out of curiosity, what were the problems your clients had with logging in? I’m always looking for ways to make the site easier to use.