Fetch report

I have been trying to setup new laptop with fetch report in windows 7. The install stalls half way through. Anyone have this happen or have a solution.

Email Chris at chris@internachi.org

We’ve had a few reports of issues with Windows 7, but we haven’t been able to pinpoint it as most people haven’t had trouble. Would you mind if our developer contacted you to try to figure out what’s going wrong?

Stewart, had a similiar problem with a Win 7 machine, I cleaned out all the temp files and all was well if you don’t know how to do that here>

windows 7 and vista same thing

Please have a developer contact me, no problem, my reports are backing up and need this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Hi Scott
I tried your solution but the command prompt retured that (%temp%) is not recognized.
I think that the fact that i am running 64 bit windows 7 is the problem.

instead of going to command just type %temp% in the search field when you hit the start button just below the all programs link. I just tried it on my 64 bit machine and no problem

When I uploaded the FretchReport to my lap top with 64 bit, windows 7 the upload stalled when it was at the printer identification phase. The software loaded, but the FetchReport print option did not load as an alter net printer.

Hey folks,

Our original developer on the FetchReport Uploader isn’t available to fix the issue, so I’m working with a new developer to design the next version of the tool. The new version will be built for Windows 7 (but still work on XP). I’ll keep y’all updated.


Has there been any further word on this issue with Fetch Report. I can install the program fine, but not the “printer” portion of the program so when i go to my Windows Print options Fetch Report wont show up. Any information on how to contact FR would be appreciated.
Ryan Franke, Integrity Inspection Services

Hey guys,

We currently have a March 31st target release date for the new version of the uploader. Sorry about the wait—in the meantime, you can always upload reports directly through FetchReport.com.


Chris, will there be code available so I can put a down load report button on my web site similar to what available for Agreements and Move In Certified.

Great idea, John!

We’re working on that, too, John.

We should have the first alpha test ready locally within a day or two, and then we’ll have a beta release done early next week. I’ll post a link on this thread so that folks can test it out and give feedback.


Hey guys,

Here are the latest beta releases of the uploader. It’s still a little buggy, but if you’re willing to test it out I’d love feedback:

32-bit version (for most people):

64-bit version (if you’re running Windows 64-bit):


Two new betas up:




Here’s the latest (hopefully final) beta:

can some one PLEASE help me with this! Fetch report loads the inspection but the client cant open file. I am looking so bad because of this! I knew it was a problem because it loaded the report WAY too fast! Any thoughts?

reports wont upload directly either… I would love to do that its much faster! help please.
David Clayton

David… Convert your report into a PDF and email to them directly. If they can’t open a direct pdf, they have issues on their end.

Worry about fetchreport later. Take care of your client first, even if it means you print the report and hand deliver it to them.