Anyone know if you can use a hyperlink with fetchreport.com? It appears you can only upload a pdf of the report. I’m working in Home Gauge and have snip it’s of video in them.

I’m thinking the viewer could contact the listing agent and they could fwd a copy of the report as well? This way they get their own user name/pw.

Thank you,

Stephen Rager


We don’t have an interface to add hyperlinks to the report, but you can include hyperlinks in your PDF document.

As for your second suggestion, that’s a good one! I’ll add it to our list for the next FetchReport update.


I think he wants to upload the URL TO his HomeGauge report, NOT upload a PDF with links in it. HG reports with video and pictures that you can expand by clicking are pretty cool (IMHO). Support for this will become more and more important as folks start working more and more with video.

Wow, I was looking at this today. I was thinking of adding a link to my HG html report in the pdf report. It would be nice if the buyer could just get the link by putting the address in Fetch report.