FetchReport PDF Creator Beta 8 Up

Hey guys,

The next beta of the FetchReport PDF Creator is up. Before you go downloading it there are a few things you should know:

  • You must remove the old version before installing the new version
  • The “Remember my Password” and “Remember my Comments” options are in there and working, but there’s no way to un-set them right now.
  • In some cases it may take 10 seconds from the time you install the software for the printer to become available. In that time your system might think no printers are available. Just wait a few seconds and it should fix itself.
  • It should work in Windows Vista, but hasn’t been 100% tested yet. Let us know if you’re using Vista and are having trouble (or not).
    You can download the latest beta at:



For a demo of how the software works:


OK… now when the FetchReport program pops up, I have to
click the box for “remember password” and it THEN brings up
the password. I must click it everytime, but it does “remember”
after I click the box.

The “remember comments” is working fine.

Thanks Chris.

It actually remembers it anyway, but it just doesn’t show it until you click something (it doesn’t have to be that box). Sorry–I meant to mention that in my original post. There are still a few visual bugs with that option, but it remembers it now.

You are right. If I click anywhere in the FetchReport window, such as the
email space, it brings up the password (without clicking on the password box).

No problem here… but it might cause someone to get confused later.

Did Nick give you a raise yet??? :mrgreen:

I’m just stirring the pot. :wink:

Thanks Chris,

The new version appears to clear up the fact that I was not able to open the report with adobe.

I love the save my comments.

When will add or send to desktop option be available?

Fixed my opening the PDF issues for me too.