FetchReport PDF Creator Beta 9 Up

I must really be missing something here!! I have downloaded just as per instructions but no where does it ask for my e-mail nor for me to set up a password. What am I missing or doing wrong here? I like the idea of downloading reports and having them secure but it should’nt be this hard. I must just be missing it. Let me know as I would like to play with this a little more. THANKS

Not sure if this will help… but here goes.

In the File menue choose print.
In the print options, select FetchReport.
Wait a minute (depending on your report size)
FetchReport will pop up and you can fill in the blanks
Press upload.

I can get that far. Problem is that when that pop up comes up it is asking for my e-mail address and my password. Where do I come up with those?

Use your email and password that you use in relationship to your
NACHI membership.

Tried that to. No luck. Tried with caps off tried with caps on, even tried old password. No luck. Maybe Chris will chime in here soon and let me know what I’m missing.

It sounds like you are attempting to use the wrong email or password. When that Pop-up comes up there is an “I Forget” icon on the right side. Click that and enter the information and allow the system to send you the password it has on file. Confirm that is what you are using.

Ya I tried that to. It some up with there is no one in the system with that e-mail address. Yet that is where I got the e-mail from nachi and that is the one in my profile. I don’t get it.:neutral:

Travis…it sounds like you may not have set an account up at FetchReports. Go here and follow the directions: http://www.fetchreport.com/nachi

That’s what I was missing. It never came up with that before. Thanks for the help. That worked like a charm.

Good deal…where should I send the bill? :smiley:

Sorry about that… I’ll put the http://www.fetchreport.com/nachi link on the other pages of the site soon. Thanks for pointing it out Michael.

I used this for the first time this weekend. What a great product!

Hi Chris,

I just used this service and must say that it is very nice and will work well with the moveincertified marketing. Can you make it so that links still work with the pdf?


I put a test report up but get an error when I try to add someone to access to the report.

I’ll stick with manual uploads since I convert mine to .pdf with Acrobat already (my pref).

I have a question about the NACHI agreement system.
We do several different types of inspections. We find it necessary to change our contract wording to fit each inspection. We recently checked an agreement that we had sent one of our clients but that they had not signed yet. Much to our surprise we noticed that the wording of the unsigned contract had changed to reflect the newest contract that we had sent to our most recent client. Anyone else have this issue?



I’ll look into that issue soon… can you post what web browser you’re using?


The system isn’t built to handle customized agreements (other than the notes field). If you need to send each client a customized agreement, I’m afraid you’ll have to either use the notes field or do it with traditional paper for now.


It would be ideal to set it up to allow for use of our own agreements and multiple versions. I know you can do that but I know that it is a matter of time and priorities.

Internet Explorer

I use Firefox but have extensions to open any page in an IE tab or externally. The problem went away the next time I tried it.

I have read most if not all of the threads on the Movie In Certified program and I have a few questions.

1)Chris when is the pay per view option going to be added to the Move in Certified program.

  1. Dose anyone have a brochure made up already?

  2. I never was able to get Russell’s “abouthome” thing to open. Is it still out there?

  3. I have a few more but can’t think right now, dang! Any info would be awesome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: