FetchReport Speed

I am on DSL… I am using Inspectvue reporting program and I thought I would try out the FetchReport. Well to say I was happy would be saying Will Decker was a weee bit short to say the least. It took 15 minutes to upload the report. I was able to upload the same report as a back up in 5 minutes. So what is going on with the upload speeds. I had the same thing happen when I did my test uploads. This is not good. Unless the speeds pickup I am going to have to stick with the Inspectvue upload site. Chris, any input you can give on this will greatly be appreciated.


We’ve had no problems with speed in the past. I’ll look into it shortly and let you know what’s going on.



When can we get a log in script for our web pages.?
It will be a nice add on to our appearance and traffic.

Chris, Just a heads up. Report was 37 pages with summary. 25 photos set at 600x400 dpi. Hope that this helps.