Fewest number of circuits

Fewest number of circuits I have come across.
1 for the dryer
1 for the AC
1 for the furnace
3 for the rest of the house :slight_smile:

Breaker on the far right was a spare, nothing connected. Yes, knob and tube.

On the bright side the knob and tube will be easier to replace because there’s ZERO insulation in the house.

Must be some big heating bills. :roll:

Stab-Loc, knob and tube, unlike breakers, recommend full electrical upgrade/replacement…

Insurance is giving them 30 days :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some older homes here with four or five 15-20 amp circuits only.
Although an upgrade is always recommended, I doubt if any of the buyers had it done.
Those houses always have a gas oven, gas dryer, gas water heater, gas furnace, and evaporative cooler. Most don’t have a dishwasher, some have no disposal.

These are typically small bungalows not much more than 1000 sq ft, and to be honest, unless they want to add air conditioning or some other power hungry device, don’t need anything more.

I see it all the time up here, lots of old, small houses.

Naw…the K&T keeps it warm.

Only if you’re close to it…:smiley: