FHA Certified inspector

I am looking for feed back on anyone that has been FHA certified and
put on their Roster as a inspector

Has this increased your business ?

I passed my Pre- application but the next steps are a lot of hoops

Like traveling to Washington DC for a week of training, tests than
some infield inspection tests

This would cost a lot of money and time and not sure if i would see any
return on new business

Not necessary to be put on the list

Sounds like someone is whizzing you OR its a special type program like their low end apartment inspections - where you get trained on their computer / software / etc.

To be on the regular FHA roster thats not required.

Dan Bowers
FHA Fee Inspector
FHA 203k Inspector / Plan Reviewer / Consultant

AND yes it has doubled my inspection numbers. For example this week I’m doing a home inspection and a FHA draw inspection (doubled numbers).